Colorful Christmas Crafting

Sometimes red and green can just be so…red and green. How about a little sparkle of color for your holiday decor? The upside? You can use it after the holidays are over too.

This might be a good craft to do while watching a schmaltzy holiday movie or maybe get your kids involved in creating one of their own. Color choice? Totally up to you!

This is an easy one, guys. I picked six felt sheets from my local craft store in six bright colors.

Most felt sheets come in about a 10″ width. Mine happen to be 9″ which is no big deal. You want each strip to be about 5″ x 1/2″. I cut my strips on my self-healing cutting mat, making the process go pretty quickly. I then cut each of the strips in half. Nothing has to be exact, but fairly uniform.

I don’t have a kid around to help, but I did have a doodle around who kept playing with my twine.

Cut a length of twine to your desired length. Mine was about 5 ft long. I made a slip knot at each end and started in the middle of the twine. Simply tie a knot. That’s it. Push them together pretty tightly and twist the knots so they are headed different directions – this gives the overall look a more wonky, haphazard feel.

I decided to hang mine in my developing craft room. If you’ve read my post about the sprinkle and drip paint ornaments, you’ll know the colors I chose go with that general theme. I also have a felt ball garland that paired nicely with it too.

Let me say a quick word about this cubicle unit. If you read about my little incident on social media, this is the shelf we were buying at IKEA that managed to punch me in the jaw. Long story short, I ended up in the ER with a concussion and have been recouping since Monday. So please show some deep respect and appreciation for this golden glove boxer of a shelf.

Things are just piled in the cubes for right now, but I think you can see the general theme emerging. Happy, bright colors! More to come on this.

I am anxiously awaiting the cutest mug that will go on this cake stand (which probably means I’ll have to buy a second one to use for my daily chai.) I bought it from the cutest Etsy shop, This Is Tisa, and can’t wait to show you the goodies when they arrive.

Hope you enjoy this quick little craft and design it to fit your (or your kiddos) space. And thanks for enduring a few emerging Craft Room pictures along the way.

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