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I’m not certain you can see resilience until it is narrowing in the rearview mirror. It takes years to label a time-period in your life as one laced with resiliency. Personally speaking, while in the midst of climbing out of whatever circumstance I was in, I would have misconstrued a resilient spirit as stubbornness or, quite frankly, blind arrogance. I don’t think I would have labeled it ‘resilient’.

We don’t give ourselves enough credit (at the moment of turmoil) as we are desperately trying to balance our waning sanity with our day-to-day rising and growing.

The 2020’s have required more resiliency than many of us had stored in our coffers. These years have pressed down on us and taken us places that were foreign and, at times, terrifying. We’ve had to develop new muscles around our resiliency. New strategies. New audacity. In the aftermath, I desperately tried to find my old stomping ground, level and familiar. As the years progress, however, resiliency is teaching me that hope and strength lies in the NEW territory. The unfamiliar, yet leveling terrain of new procedures and healthier habits.

How have persons demonstrated a resilient nature in history? Where did they find the tenacity to keep going after heartbreaking – and often public – defeat? Was this in their nature all along? If not, how did they learn the coping skills to determinedly stand and face off with reality once again? How did they maintain their empathy toward fellow travelers?

I have more questions than answers, but the word ‘resilient’ is buzzing in my ear lately.