Chicken, Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup

We are a Soup vs Stew house over here. While I like a good stew just as much as the next person, my wife, however, does not truly care for soup. So the heftier I can make it, the better for her. And this soup fills that niche perfectly. Made in my ceramic-coated, cast-iron Dutch... Continue Reading →

I love you s’more!

from Scott Sutherland @ifyougiveamanapan Melting chocolate and fire-toasted marshmallows are a must around any campfire. Are you a lightly toasted or char that thing BLACK, kind of marshmallow roaster?? However, if a campfire isn't nearby, this s'more bake in a cast iron skillet is sure to make you start humming 99 Bottles and practicing your knot... Continue Reading →

Chicken and Broccoli Skillet Meal

from Scott Sutherland @ifyougiveamanapan The weather’s getting warmer and comfort food is calling my name. This evening I made this chicken and broccoli casserole which is always a family favorite and people pleaser. A few years ago I found a discarded set of Lodge cast-iron skillets. I imagine they were probably a wedding present and […]

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