A word maximalist.

There are many aspects of life I enjoy and often find it difficult to wrap those interests in the small boxes and short quips of social media. Some of the things you may find here:

  • I enjoy reading interesting books
  • starting (and postponing!) creative projects
  • exploring our state of California
  • and caring for my ever-growing collection of houseplants
  • Oh, and food! Food, food and more food.

Above all, I love a good story. Remembering these things connects me to a shared life experience with you. It also allows me to learn about the bigger world outside my own view. Let’s talk about some of these things…and whatever else may pop up along the way.


  • Keeping up with my correspondence…

    Keeping up with my correspondence…

    In my mind, I am punctual and a bit spoiled. In reality, things look a little different…

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  • THE FAMILY by Naomi Krupitsky

    THE FAMILY by Naomi Krupitsky

    It is difficult to believe that this is Krupitsky’s first novel. The Family is both riveting and endearing. I picked up the book casually but held on to it thirstily. After devouring it, I am closing the back cover, satisfied and intrigued for more. Krupitsky is a beautiful writer who seamlessly unfolds a story like…

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  • Easter Connections

    Easter Connections

    Our neighbors dropped off an Easter gift this morning. While I’ve never actually associated Easter with rainbows before, I immediately loved the unexpected comparisons. Was there ever a time in Christian history that we were more filled with hope than the discovery of an empty tomb? Was there ever a time that we needed God’s…

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  • The Seductive Proximity of January 1

    The Seductive Proximity of January 1

    Our affable goldendoodle, Tilly, soon to be two years old, has become enthralled in the world of squirrels. I feel confident that she does not mean them harm. I believe her understanding is that they are merely more creatures with which to romp and play. They sit on our back fence, eating the specialty bird…

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  • Cookiethon 2021

    Cookiethon 2021

    Since Scott has to work on Christmas Day, I’m putting together a big cookie tray for the other AWESOME essential workers and doing goodie bags for some neighbors. It’s been a fun cookie making week! I hope your Christmas is a blessed and happy one.

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  • salty and sweet (and a little more salty)

    salty and sweet (and a little more salty)

    Wow. Wow wow wow! This was a new-to-me cookie recipe and I was THRILLED with the results. It is definitely for the lover of all things salty and sweet together – just like the happiest of couples. I want to know if you make these so we can oooo and ahhhh together over their perfect…

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