ABODE: Thoughtful Living with Less by Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Peter⠀

This book sits on our coffee table, not as a decorative piece (although it certainly falls into that category) but as a reference book. Since purchasing it a few months ago, I have come back to it again and again for inspiration and ideas.⠀

Serena and Mason are the owners of General Store in San Francisco. In Abode, they encourage their readers to live intentionally and in a gracefully simple way. Their home is filled with wood and stone and always with an eye to the outdoors. Their storefront celebrates artisan goods with warm tones and beautiful focal- point items.⠀

I also appreciate that they write about pieces they desire but cannot yet afford; this resonates with all of us to some degree. But keeping our eye on the ‘ideal’ is not a bad thing as it motivates us to hold the end result in mind even while using a ‘place maker’ until the final product can be acquired.⠀

Dual purpose items and editing your possessions are some of the common themes throughout this book. I am grateful for their approach to creating a welcoming home filled with beautiful items that doesn’t overwhelm the senses or the environment.⠀

I have been guilty of buying ‘pretty books’ because I liked the way they looked around my home. I was definitely drawn to the warm tones of this book cover, but its content is what sealed the deal. This will be an oft-used book of reference links and idea inspiration. (I also can’t wait to visit their California storefront!)

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