Fab Forties

Since moving to the Sacramento area last year, we have been repeatedly told we need to visit the ‘Fab 40’ houses in East Sacramento. “Big old homes from the 1940’s…”, people would say.

Recently, Scott and I watched the movie Lady Bird, which takes place in Sacramento. The main character, Christine (aka: Lady Bird), falls madly in love with one of the Fab 40 homes and pretends that’s where she lives. Hearing the movie refer to the Fab 40 area instigated us to take a trip over to see the houses on Scott’s last day off from work.

We found the area and picked the street Christine mentioned in the movie: 44th Street. As we turned on the street we quickly realized not only had we driven onto a street of beautiful 1940’s houses, we had also stepped directly back into Kansas City, Missouri!

Meyer Boulevard, the area around Loose Park, Brookside… with the exception of the palm trees and tile roofs, this neighborhood immediately transported us to some of our favorite Kansas City neighborhoods.

This is the house that Christine stood outside and dreamed of in the movie. It’s easy to understand her fascination.

And while it would be almost impossible to pick a favorite house on the street, if I had to, I think I saved that house for the very end of this post. 😉

Each home had its own unique features.

This tree, at the corner of the street, was immense! Absolutely gorgeous.

There were cottages and colonials. Some homes with a strong bohemian Spanish influence, others were conservatively symmetrical. I adored them all.

The house below reminded me of some of the Walt Disney homes in Kansas City.

It’s always a win for me when a home has black windows. There is something strong and unyielding about black, beautiful windows.

Add in a little Nantucket for good measure…

Decidedly Californian (allll the heart eyes!)

Most all of the homes had a detached garage at the end of a side driveway – and they all matched the main house.

Many many many of the homes had authentic leaded glass windows. As you walked by, each individual pane glistened in the sunlight.

Some were completely decked out for Halloween. We have heard that the Fab 40 Christmas displays and decorations are unbelievable. I can’t wait to come back to see that!

I collect doorways in my mind. I appreciate and love a well-adorned doorway welcome.

The house below had a bright side room that was consumed by a grand piano. Perfection!

The house below, however, made me gasp. That pink! That pale, beautiful, baby pink against the clay tile roof and white gingerbread everything. I felt a little like Lady Bird, standing outside and admiring each detail.

Pink. White. Clay. Green. That might be my new favorite color combination!!

It was a beautifully sunny day with cool temperatures and the most perfect partner in home-admiring, photo-taking, sidewalk-stalking crime. It was nice to see such a strong resemblance of Kansas City being admired and respected in cool California.

As we were watching the movie, we both laughed out loud when Christine…bored and wanting to get out of her hometown of Sacramento…says to her friend in disgust, “Sacramento. It’s the Midwest of California.” -ha!

We’ll take it, Christine. 🙂


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