A word maximalist.

There are many aspects of life I enjoy and often find it difficult to wrap those interests in the small boxes and short quips of social media. Some of the things you may find here:

  • I enjoy reading interesting books
  • starting (and postponing!) creative projects
  • exploring our state of California
  • and caring for my ever-growing collection of houseplants
  • Oh, and food! Food, food and more food.

Above all, I love a good story. Remembering these things connects me to a shared life experience with you. It also allows me to learn about the bigger world outside my own view. Let’s talk about some of these things…and whatever else may pop up along the way.


  • Tell Scott I said hi!

    Tell Scott I said hi!

    It didn’t matter if we had been chatting for quite a while or if it was a quick exchange of pleasantries, Jerry always ended each conversation with me with a quick, “Tell Scott I said hi!” And eeeeeeverytime I assured him I would. I think Jerry really liked Scott. They had different backgrounds but were…

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  • Endless Ocean ASMR: Fort Bragg, California

    Endless Ocean ASMR: Fort Bragg, California

    I actually have culled through my ocean pictures from our trip, but I just can’t go with any less than these. Even if it’s just for my own benefit of collecting them all in one place. I hope you’ll look through them and find a sense of peaceful joy. We’ve been to the ocean many…

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  • GPS signal lost

    GPS signal lost

    “GPS signal lost. No Sirius signal.” Two phrases broadcasted through our car radio. The truest music to my ears. We were pioneers! Nothing but our car and enormous redwoods to guide us through the Navarro River Redwoods State Park in Mendocino County, California. I’ll take THIS house, please. California is the most unusual state. The…

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  • The Call of the Mild

    The Call of the Mild

    You know that emoji with the shocked face, gaping eyes, and raised eyebrows?? 😳 Imagine our goldendoodle, Tilly, with that expression on her people-loving, never-met-a-foe, mild-mannered, pampered face as we drove through the California Napa Valley, listening to The Call of the Wild by Jack London on audio. She had no idea dogs could even…

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  • Midtown Mindfulness

    Midtown Mindfulness

    I am overwhelmed by the amount of vacation pictures I took this week so instead I’ll post some pictures from the farmer’s market this morning. This beautiful bouquet came home with me. My eye went to it immediately, sitting in the rows and rows of vibrantly-colored flowers. I love it’s muted, gentle colors and can’t…

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  • Grief


    It’s been a rough week, hasn’t it? We are a mourning nation. Confused, sorrowful, and enraged. Mix in a wonderful visit from our daughter that happened to end in sync with the school shooting, and a bit more sadness is stirred into the mix. However, our focus lately has been on our two neighborly friends.…

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